Cooking Lessons

       I never realized that cooking was so difficult. I thought all it really was was to add different ingredients. I also thought that you could create a dish easily. I didn’t know how hard it was to not undercook or overcook. Lastly, I haven’t realized how hard it was to actually prepare the ingredients.     … More Cooking Lessons

Thịt Kho Măng

Hello! Welcome back to my blog! Today, I will be cooking beef with bamboo shoots (thịt kho măng in Vietnamese). This is one of the most common dishes in Vietnam. The ingredients are usually eaten with rice, and the sauce is drizzled over the dish. This recipe is very simple and easy to cook and is … More Thịt Kho Măng

Cooking Problems

      Sometimes, I have trouble cooking and get frustrated when I don’t cook something correctly. Some of the dishes I attempt to recreate come out as raw. They also become very burnt, and that makes them taste bitter. Sometimes they end up being tasteless or not how they’re supposed to. I usually ask … More Cooking Problems