Stir-Fried Eggs & Tomatoes (Vietnam/China)

Hello! Welcome back to my blog. Today I will be cooking my mom’s delicious stir-fry egg and tomato dish. I’ve been eating this as a child and I enjoy it very much. It’s best eaten on top of steamy rice. The dish is has a very condensed taste to it so I prefer to eat it with Vietnamese pickled kimchi. Well, let’s get on to cooking!


Image result for mushroom bouillon

  • Fish Sauce
  • Scallions (Both Green & White Parts and Quantity is Optional)
  • Vegetable Oil

Directions                                                                                                                                                 First, slice the tomatoes– the size is optional. Next, squeeze all the excess juice out of the tomato slices. Then, place the tomato slices into a bowl and add eggs. Wash and cut green and white parts of the scallions and place the cut green parts into the into the bowl. Mix and add two teaspoons of mushroom bouillon. Add 1 1/2 tablespoons of fish sauce and mix the contents. Then add 1/2 of black pepper. Mix the ingredients. In a pan, add one tablespoon of fish sauce and the cut white scallion. Fry the scallion until they become golden brown. Add the contents of the bowl into the pan and mix the ingredients around for a minute. Let the contents sit until the bottom is dry. Add in any desired amount of pepper. Serve on steamy rice!

My Own Result

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you at the next post!


One thought on “Stir-Fried Eggs & Tomatoes (Vietnam/China)

  1. This looks scrumptious ! We have a similar breakfast dish in the Mediterranean, It’s called Shakshouka tomato-egg-scramble and the spices we use are either parsley, oregano or basil in place of fish sauce. 🙂


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