Cooking Problems


Photo torbakhopper 2015© (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Sometimes, I have trouble cooking and get frustrated when I don’t cook something correctly. Some of the dishes I attempt to recreate come out as raw. They also become very burnt, and that makes them taste bitter. Sometimes they end up being tasteless or not how they’re supposed to. I usually ask my family on what I have to change in order to properly cook the recipe.
Image result for blood on chicken drumstick     My first time cooking chicken was a failure, because the pieces were still very raw. The outsides were easily pulled off, and they were clearly not cooked enough. When I peeled some of the meat off one of the drumsticks, the bone still had blood on it. The inside of the chicken was also too pink to be safe to consume. I got very disappointed in myself, and I thought I would never get anything right. 


     Ever since my mom showed me how to properly cook,Image result for properly cooked chicken I’ve gotten better at cooking meat. She taught me how long to cook different meats and how to season them. The insides and outsides were tender and the proper color, and the outsides were not easily pulled off. They had no traces of blood, except for the inside of the bone of course. 

     I faced this challenge again when I had to deal Image result for burnt potato wedgeswith cooking potato wedges. The amount of how well they were cooked varied, because I had to cook them in sections. Many of the wedges had burnt skin and were black. Some of them were not fried long enough and the insides were raw. They were not easy to poke through, which is a method of testing if potatoes are cooked enough. This poses a hazard to health.

     Image result for cooked fishOnce in awhile, I still need help from my family. I still don’t know how to cook fish, as I am still learning. I need them to taste test my food in case I’m not sure if the dish is perfected. I also don’t know many recipes. I aspire to become very good at cooking and provide my future children with meals they will enjoy.



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