Cooking Lessons


     I never realized that cooking was so difficult. I thought all it really underwas was to add different ingredients. I also thought that you could create a dish easily. I didn’t know how hard it was to not undercook or overcookLastly, I haven’t realized how hard it was to actually prepare the ingredients.

over     I started to realize all these difficulties when I started cooking with chicken. The meat would go looking almost cooked to burnt in minutes. Some original recipes I would create using leftovers didn’t come out as expected. I also didn’t know preparing chicken includes many things. 

     Then I realized how tedious and hard it actually is to skincook. You actually have to balance the flavorsSome combined ingredients don’t come out tasty. It’s really easily to undercook or overcook chicken. You have to remove the skin, butcher, season, etc. It’s all so full of specific and requires many actions. 

Pho     So now I ask for help in balancing flavors and cooking. My parents are Vietnamese and cook Vietnamese food daily. Vietnamese food balances flavors, so I ask them for advice. I ask them to monitor me while cooking to make sure the chicken is not undercooked or overcooked. All of these steps help me to improve with my cooking techniques and skills.


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